Turn Down The Volume

Breaking news! Snap Chat! Check Facebook! Tweet! Stay connected! As humans we have fundamental needs that must be met for our well-being. Basic needs, biological and emotional needs. It is hard to flourish without food, clean water, shelter, companionship, etc. “Staying connected,” is not one of our basic needs although many treat it that way.  But, even when material needs are met, we can still be ill and unhealthy. Material satisfaction, and outer connectedness through technology do little to provide inner fulfillment.

The practice of meditation can be a helpful tool to develop inner fulfillment and counterbalance the media static surrounding our lives. After all, if we can’t manage our emotional life, how well can we be managing our stress, self-afflictions and impulse control? Meditation practice helps our ability to be aware of and regulate emotional experiences.  Meditation practice is about training in the healthy habits of the mind – inner skill development – maintaining inner well-being even in adversity.

We will discuss meditation basics as we go forward.