Executive Coaching

A working partnership with executives
The executive coaching process is a partnership where we work with executives to identify the pain points of their role and organization. Through a structured coaching process, we partner with an executive to assess and analyze the good, bad, and even the ugly, of his/her leadership style on a number of personal, cognitive, perceptual, competitive and cultural attributes.

By identifying goals for development, we help executives develop strengths that may be over or underused. The executive coaching process helps executives shape not only the voice of the company, but also the voice of the customer.

Executive coaching is the thread that runs through the Executive Tool Kit and ties our executive services together.

Key Benefits: 

  • Identify and establish goals for development through 360 interviewing and assessment utilization.
  • Identifying the organizational imperatives, in order achieve perceivable success
  • Map the skills and behavioral characteristics necessary for maximum success
  • Build on strengths that may be underused
  • Temper strengths that may be over utilized
  • Enhance people capabilities and build business results
  • Create career advancement strategies
  • Align coaching towards organizational vision, strategies, process and communication, to optimize impact on the bottom line

Executive Toolkit

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