Personal Effectiveness

A foundation for emotionally intelligent leadership
While it can be lonely at the top, we understand the pressure that comes with organizational leadership. Successful executives strike a balance between their demands and their need to manage stress. They remain connected to their circle of support and are mindful of their feelings and those of others. Leading executives also know how to ask good questions and actively listen to responses. Successful leaders balance the tasks of what needs to be done and what’s best for their organization, while making sure that they have the energy to inspire. Our experience in the fields of business, psychology and human performance have shaped our approach in helping executives strike the balance between success and longevity.

Key Benefits: 

  • A foundation for emotionally intelligent leadership
  • Masterful communications skills to increase the acceptance of the executive’s ideas
  • Identifying and diffusing stress in yourself and others

Executive Toolkit

Uprooting Anger is a guide to help you manage anger and work toward uprooting it and its related destructive emotions. Learn more here. You may also purchase Uprooting Anger online.

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