Stress Management

American Mania: Stress Management When More is not Enough

Keynote, Two-Hour Seminar, Half-day Workshop or Full-day Workshop

America is uniquely set apart from the rest of the world when it comes to stress. Our country was founded by a certain kind of people whose ambition and bold ideas have shaped an astonishing society. We have created a culture of unprecedented affluence which in turn has created an incredibly stressful environment that is one of a kind.

This presentation details how American society is uniquely and historically predisposed to higher degrees of stress. Examples are given that illustrate how rapid modernization has increased stress on our entire society.

Based upon past and present research, we discuss the effects of stress and its contribution to physical and emotional illness. A variety of mind-body methods to ease the symptoms of stress are reviewed including: effective time management; advantages of increased Social Interest; techniques and benefits of implementing a practice of compassion and mindfulness; various approaches to meditation as tools for stress management.

Learning Objectives: 

  1. How American history, genetics and philosophy contribute to higher levels of stress.
  2. How rapid modernization has exceeded societies capacity to manage stress.
  3. How increased stressors contribute to increased rates of physical and emotional illness.
  4. Sleep research and effects of sleep deprivation on stress.
  5. The Mind-Body connection in managing stress, including most recent research on cognitive approaches to stress management.
  6. Tools to ease the symptoms of stress including:
    • Effective time management
    • Advantages of increased social interactions and interests
    • Techniques and benefits of implementing compassion and mindfulness
    • Meditation as a stress management tool

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