Capability Assessment

We can help you understand the dynamics of your company culture
We find that the culture of your organization can either support your organizational strategy or work against it. All companies have a subjective or invisible culture that influences success or failure. Additionally, organizations pass through developmental stages in much the same way people do. In fact, research shows that in today’s world, organizations commonly transition more quickly from one maturational stage to another, and sometimes in an overlapping fashion. Constant changing in an environment can cause dislocation and disruption of a once stabilized state.

We can help your organization understand the dynamics of your present company culture, identify and prioritize the challenges that are critical to achieving optimum performance. Whether the issues are process or people related, we work hand in hand with your leadership to diagnose, define and develop achievable and measurable initiatives. We will subsequently work with you to design a fluid model that allows your organization to smoothly adapt to changes in your corporate life cycle.

We complete an in-depth assessment to evaluate: 

  • The organization’s ability to deliver on their strategies, goals, initiatives and priorities
  • People capabilities
  • Risk Management effectiveness
  • Transfer the assessment and planning competencies to your staff

Executive Toolkit

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