Time Management

Take Your Time: Time Management in a Corporate World
Two-Hour Seminar, Half-day Workshop or Full-day Workshop 

With constant pressure to do more, keep moving, and go faster, our everyday lives often do not reflect our most heartfelt values and ideals. Our lives feel out of control, and the challenge is to slow down enough to stay on track.

This presentation offers a concrete approach to dealing with the pressure to hurry. Practical tools are presented for slowing down the pace of your life leading to increasing efficiency/productivity.

Learning Objectives: 

  1. How to slow down and think clearly
  2. Identify “time stealers”
  3. Develop a strategy for breaking old habits
  4. Techniques for developing new habits
  5. How to find balance between personal and professional life
  6. Develop a strategy for prioritizing conflicts with time
  7. How to be flexible with changing deadlines
  8. How to overcome procrastination
  9. How to delegate effectively
  10. Resolving conflicts with multiple bosses and priorities
  11. Getting and staying organized
  12. Effective strategies to “shake-up” the routine

Executive Toolkit

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