Counseling for Professionals

While it's hard to admit, there are times when leaders need guidance
  • Are you overwhelmed by the complexities of successfully managing a career, marriage, finances and family?
  • Is your family suffering from the negative effects of your professional life?
  • Are you feeling chronically over-stressed?
  • Are you stuck with no tools or direction for change?

We offer Solutions That Produce Results

Increasingly, professionals are seeking counseling for both issues related to their work and their personal lives.

Through consultation, psychotherapy, counseling, guidance & support for senior executives and professionals, we provide services to help with:

If you have a strong desire to become a more effective leader, father or mother, wife or husband, then we can help you to achieve your objectives.

Relationship Counseling
  • Master communication with your wife or girlfriend
  • Eliminate criticism and unproductive communication
  • Create an easier, more loving and satisfying relationship
  • Discover how to be more open emotionally and make her happier
  • Discover better ways to deal with relationship conflict
  • Have a more fulfilling sex life
Relationship Counseling for Single Men
  • Clear up past issues and negative relationship patterns that hold you back from relationship success
  • Heal from painful breakups or divorces, or gain peace with being alone again
  • Uncover the blind spots that derail your relationships
  • Upgrade your dating strategies, and attract the right woman for you
Managing Depression
  • Develop strategies for decreasing and coping with depression
  • Transform the root issues of your depression, and reclaim your life again
  • Feel more satisfied in social and intimate relationships
  • Feel happier and more at peace with yourself
  • Have more optimism about your future
Managing Anxiety
  • Manage stress, tension and worry effectively
  • Overcome irrational fears and stop obsessing about what might go wrong
  • Live more in the present, and enjoy deeper, more restful sleep
  • Become more comfortable in social situations
  • Overcome performance problems such as public speaking and erectile dysfunction
If your fuse is short, your aggression higher, your criticism sharp, your blaming personal, and your road rage unpublishable

There is help…

  • Understand the facts about anger
  • Learn to extinguish anger’s energy
  • Discover the link between mind, emotion and anger
  • Find calm in the eye of the storm
  • Cultivate and repair relationships
  • Make better decisions

Eliminate the emotion that kills

You have come to this site for a reason. You have likely been fighting a battle in your head or in your life. You are hurt or have been hurting others. You are not sure what to do about it.

Creating movement is essential

  • Identify the real problems
  • Learn new strategies and behaviors
  • Change negative and distorted thinking
  • Make better decisions
  • Improve relationships

Success Stories

Life can get better…

For over two decades I have worked with men and women who have been where you are. From Executives, to Professional Athletes, to every day Joes, I know how to help you find a new direction.

Are you stuck at a dead end?

Are you managing or leading your team?

Is it time to make a move? Are you prepared?

Struggling with repositioning yourself in this market?

Are you Ready to Step up and Lead?

  • Create a winning career plan
  • Market yourself
  • Deal with difficult people
  • Win in office politics
  • Learn effective leadership strategies
  • Get promotions and raises
  • Manage up

Free Help

Uprooting Anger is a guide to help you manage anger and work toward uprooting it and its related destructive emotions. Learn more here. You may also purchase Uprooting Anger online.

Get help and create change now!

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