New Executive Assimilation

Accelerate the adjustment of executives in significant new roles
Today’s executives are expected to get up to speed quickly and deliver from the moment they step on board. Our focus on Executive Assimilation is designed to accelerate the adjustment of executives in significant new roles and to reduce the failure rate when bringing in executives from the outside. Our process incorporates individual candidate assessment, development planning, coaching and structured feedback meetings with key stakeholders. The power of the Executive Assimilation process gets executives on track faster while increasing their understanding, commitment and value to the organization.

The Promise of bringing on executives can quickly lose its energy while they find their way around, gain their focus and struggle to prioritize. Often, the skills that have driven previous career success are not the same skill sets that will drive leadership success. New executives rarely have the benefit of knowing who the key players are, how they operate and what their agendas may be. All of these variables serve to slow an executive’s assimilation and frequently affects efficiency, morale, and the bottom line.

The cost of poor executive assimilation is high, including:

  • Loss of money
  • Loss of time
  • Lost hope and emotional disruption
  • Loss of strategic focus
  • Dulling of competitive edge
  • Loss of market share

At Core Performance, we reduce the risk of failure and accelerate an executive’s climb to peak performance.

Executive Toolkit

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