Charlie Cummins - Counseling, Business Consulting, and author of the book Uprooting Anger - Eliminating the Emotion That Kills

Is your approach to life just not working?

Are your relationships filled with anger and criticism?

Does your home feel welcoming or like a place you want to leave?

Is your frustration affecting your work?

Are you stuck with no tools or direction for change?

We offer solutions that produce results

With a proven track record of dramatically improving organizational performance, we produce results that are sustainable, measurable, and quickly visible in your organization’s bottom line.

By focusing first and foremost on people – their beliefs, thought processes and behaviors, we partner with you to work with and build on the strengths of your team. We identify barriers (ingrained beliefs, behaviors, process gaps) and coach your team to remove these barriers and implement changes that achieve a new level of performance.

Uprooting Anger, by Charlie CumminsUprooting Anger is a guide to help you manage anger and work toward uprooting it and its related destructive emotions. If your fuse is short, your aggression high, your criticism sharp, your blaming personal, and your road rage unpublishable, this book is written for you. Anger has a poisonous effect on all our lives. On a personal level—in our families, work, communities, nation and world—anger permeates each of us. Anger creates distance away from people and generates a line of movement toward isolation and illness. It fractures leadership, feeds inefficiency, creates unhealthy alliances, and makes us sick. Our world is shadowed by images of anger and examples of how one person’s anger can have a ripple effect across the globe. With the efficiency of a Swiss watch, technology can inundate us with a flood of cheap, easy-to-access hatred, judgment, violence and indifference. Anger may even kill us one way or another, because it’s like a poison that we can either sip, gulp or (hopefully) choose to reject.

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